Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Govt schools will teach math and science in English :: Khaleej Times
Humanities and sports also to receive a boost

Maths and Science subjects will be taught in English from grade 10 onwards in government schools from the new academic year. The move is to help students adjust to the curriculum easily when they join higher institutions.

Shaikha Shamsi, Assistant Under-Secretary for Educational Programme at the Ministry of Education said that subsequently, these subjects would be introduced in English in more classes.

She said that beginning this year, the ministry has also decided to teach music, sports and arts to students. 'These subjects were not given the desired attention in the previous years and so they remained neglected in schools,' the official said.

My opinion: These are moves in the right direction. Implementation will not be trivial and will require time, patience and commitment; goals should be set that are achievable.



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