Friday, August 26, 2005

Complaints lead to closure of university :: GN

The University of Southern Queensland Dubai campus has closed following complaints from students, Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) said yesterday.

USQD campus is based in DKV. De-licensing by DKV after investigation means the branch campus will shut next month just after a year in operation.

The USQD branch campus has over 300 students doing both bachelors and master's degree program-mes in business administration, mass communication and information technology. The DKV statement said: "Dubai Knowledge Village had received feedback from students … which developed into major complaints from both students and parents on the quality of education over the 2004-2005 academic year."

DKV identified several problems, including lack of direct control from USQ Australia, which impacted the academic quality, lack of academic materials, consistently shortened semesters and inadequate number of faculty.

The statement said after several attempts to solve the problems failed, "DKV was compelled to de-licence the University of Southern Queensland's branch in Dubai. While taking this decision, DKV made sure that students could complete the current semester (ending September 22, 2005)."



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