Friday, August 26, 2005

Dubai Rotary City :: ITP

“The whole thing rotates,” said the source. “You will be able to acquire villas, apartments, floating villas on water, [and] flying villas [that] elevate in the air. So you have the accessibility to a villa that not only rotates on ground, but it gives you up to a 15 metre to 20 metre up in-the-air elevation. It’s a mind-blowing project. We [will] have 20 towers with every single floor rotating. The capitalisation of the project is going to be in the range of AED3.7 billion to AED4 billion (US$1 billion to US$1.09 billion),” he added.

The venture would be one of over 200 individual construction projects expected to make up DubaiLand, which was announced by the emirate’s government in 2003. It aims to house around 55 hotels and become the largest leisure, entertainment and tourism attraction in the world.
. . .
When fully operational, the promoters expect it to attract more than 200,000 visitors per day and employ around 300,000 people.


Blogger desertblog said...

Notice the absence of a Sheikh adding a few words or two about the project in the press release, which makes me suspect it is a spoof, like last year's Bubble City hoax.
If this turns out to be real, then they have truly lost it and proved that money that not buy taste or intelligence.

9:42 AM  

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