Saturday, August 06, 2005

People who carry out acts of terror are evil, say UAE imams across the country :: GN

Imams of all mosques across the country have strongly denounced the stream of bloody violence in Muslim countries and the entire world, describing those who carry out bloody acts as evil.
The Friday sermon (Jumma Khutba) yesterday focussed on the issue of terror, describing it as an act of evil and perpetrators of terror attacks as evil people.
. . .
They stressed the great role of Muslim scholars in guiding the Islamic nation and advising youths against such criminal acts. Scholars should explain to the Islamic nation the wrong ideas being spread among young men about jihad, the imams said. They also highlighted the importance of the Islamic media's role in raising awareness and guiding young Muslim men as well as in warning them against suspicious designs by terrorists who try to distort the image of Islam.
In the UAE, Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf distributes a suggested Friday sermon. Individuals imams can deviate from the suggested text.


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