Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Anti-slavery groups say about 3,000 underage boys still work as jockeys in UAE :: BBC NEWS

The United Arab Emirates is to issue identity cards to camel race jockeys to prevent underage boys taking part in the popular and lucrative sport. The interior ministry said jockeys would now have to show valid cards before they would be allowed to race.
. . .
Using children as jockeys has officially been banned in the UAE since 1980 but the law was openly flouted. Earlier this year it tightened the rules, banning under-16s and those lighter than 45kg (100lb) from racing.
I've often wondered why part of the solution isn't simply to make every camel carry the same weight. If your jockey is lighter than the minimum, then the difference is added in deadweights. Couldn't this be self enforcing: Why should it be a matter of pride that your camel bet mine by carrying less weight?



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