Monday, September 05, 2005

Proficiency in English ‘a must for nationals’ :: KT

According to the new admission policy adopted by the UAE University, the Higher Colleges of Technology and Zayed University, students should score a minimum of 150 points on the English component of the Common Educational Proficiency Assessment (Cepa) to be eligible for joining any bachelor’s programme in these institutions. Earlier, Cepa was used as a placement tool to determine students' proficiency levels in English language.
English is the language of instruction in higher education in the UAE, and it is the language of commerce. There is a tradeoff - the use and proficiency in written Arabic will decline further. What are the consequences?


Blogger redstar said...

I don't see that proficiency in Arabic should decline, providing things are done properly.

The Netherlands, for example, has a well educated population who speak excellent English, whilst maintaining high standards of written and spoken
Dutch. Most usually speak a second and third foreign language to a proficient 'business' level.

The result is a highly employable workforce.

I can't see anything but a positive outcome from improved standards of spoken and written English amongst the UAE's graduates. The emiratisation drive would benefit greatly.

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