Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sharjah Consultative Council :: Khaleej Times

The Council has constituted several special panels called as the legislative, legal, appeals, proposals and complaint, financial, economic and industrial, education and youth besides information, security, municipalities and public utilities.

The call to imbibe the principle of ‘Shura’ (consultation) was given at the second session of the Council’s meeting on the fourth legislative chapter, the draft of which has been sent by the committee formed to reply to the inaugural speech delivered by Dr Shaikh Sultan. The session was held at the Council’s premises in the Government House.

The draft reply which was read out by the rapporteur of the Committee Khalifa bin Hwaidin, praised the achievements of Dr Shaikh Sultan which had reflected in the well-being of the citizens and the progress of the country. It also appreciated the government’s effort in developing the country and raising it to a position of high esteem.


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