Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sharjah taxi fares up :: KT

Dubai and Sharjah taxis have raised fares. Not surprising given the 35% increase in petrol prices.

Following in the footsteps of Dubai Transport Corporation (DTC), the Sharjah Transport Corporation (STC), too, has decided to adjust taximeters, effecting an increase of 10 per cent in the fare. Speaking to Khaleej Times, an STC official said that Dh1 would now be levied after every 800 metres instead of the earlier 900 metres. "The decision will be implemented in a few days time," he said, and confirmed that there would be no change in the starting fare, which would continue to be Dh2.
"Drivers who refuse to take passengers to their desired destination are fined between Dh100 and 200," he said, adding that, at present, the corporation had 2000 drivers.
Why would drivers refuse to take passengers to their desired destination? If the driver is not compensated entirely by salary, but shares in the revenue or net revenue the driver would decline to take a passenger to a time-consuming destination or a destination where he or she is not likely to find another find another fare. (One case of the latter is the restriction the emirates have on taxis from one emirate picking up fares in another emirate.)

Put yourself in the shoes of such a driver asked to contend with this.

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