Saturday, November 19, 2005

More cases of absconding workers being reported :: Gulf News
Enforcement is not costless

Dubai: Companies trying to avoid paying heavy new fines for allowing their workers' labour permits to expire are increasingly reporting their employees have fled or absconded. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs had in August increased the fines for companies to Dh5,000 for not renewing labour permits that had expired more than a year ago.
. . .
many workers still say their bosses falsely report they have fled, a move that leaves them with a year-long ban and no end-of-service benefits. It is a persistent accusation by workers, but labour officials involved in ruling on absconding cases refuse to comment. Even though company representatives file cases where workers have absconded, the burden of proof is on the worker to show he or she has not absconded.
Notice that whether or not there is an enforceability problem for the government to implement its own rules, there is also a problem of enforcing private contracts. Businesses that take advantage of their workers damage all businesses in the UAE. Legitimate businesses prefer a legal system where the promises they make are believed because they are enforceable.

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