Sunday, November 20, 2005

Our November 9 :: Jordan Times

The writer is Zaid Nabulsi, a Jordanian lawyer working in Geneva. Quote:
fewer are those ready to confront . . . people who believe they hold, and can bestow upon others, the keys to paradise. Until our Nov. 9, that is.

The sleeping tragedy had been ticking all along like a time-bomb. For too long we have tolerated elements in our society whose poisonous ideology had been tirelessly feeding a destructive culture of hate and death to schoolchildren and adults alike.
. . .
here in Jordan, very loud voices applauded these crimes as some perverted form of resistance irritating the American occupation by severely punishing any kind of unavoidable coexistence with it by the destitute, war-ridden Iraqi people.
. . .
their tactical lip-service condemnation should not fool any of us. . . . rest assured that they still incubate the same vicious beliefs that moulded the likes of Zarqawi and graduated his army of suicidal maniacs (thank you, by the way, George and Tony, for removing the sewage lid and unleashing on our region the most uncontrollable vermin known to mankind).
. . .
If the wedding that was literally crashed happened to be a Christian Jordanian wedding attended by a few infidel Westerners, I dare to guess, then the moral outrage would have been much milder, would it not?

Do you see with me that the problem is still here with us? There are simply no clear moral lines that are strictly drawn against the taking of the innocent human life. It all depends on whose God the victims worshipped. This is the root of the disguised sickness secretly slipping through our back door and engulfing us these days.

To truly uproot these murderers and shut down the arenas of their indirect collaborators, we have to uproot their uncompromising dogma and hold accountable their spokespeople who are roaming freely in our midst, openly preaching hatred and death.

It is not enough to say that the real Islam is innocent of their alien creed. We need to begin ourselves an enormous undertaking to reinterpret Islam and purify it of the tonnes of literature that cannot be reconciled with our tired cliché that it is in fact a religion of peace.
. . .
In the aftermath discussions that gripped a sombre Amman, I heard people talking about how the blessed survivors who closely got away were meant to live. I would respectfully add that all the victims were also meant to live. Musab Khorma was meant to live. Moustapha Akkad was meant to live. His daughter, too, was meant to live.

For Almighty God's sake, we are all meant to live.
For the link, I owe thanks to Athena at Terrorism Unveiled.


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