Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Turning on the harsh light

Item: Khaleej Times - "There are companies working in fields totally different from what they are licensed for, while the job of some other companies is only to import labourers, after charging a huge sum of money. Investigating into the role of such companies will clearly bring out the truth whether they are genuine establishments or simply racketeers trading in visas."

Item: Khaleej Times - "MARRIAGE fund is meant to support people with limited income who are unable to bear the burden of marriage. However, grants from the Fund are being misused, with individuals from well-off families — even the sons of businessmen and dignitaries — applying for the same."

Item: Gulf News - "Sharjah: Dozens of condemned buildings in busy downtown areas are still standing despite repeated municipal warnings to landlords, many of whom cannot be traced, engineers said. Many of the decaying buildings are eyesores and have been left exposed to the elements."

Item: Humaid Bin Dimas, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry for the Labour Sector - "Many workers have approached the ministry weeping that they cannot pay the hefty penalty due to delay in renewal of their labour cards that were not renewed on time because the sponsor asked for money against the signing on papers," he said adding, "I personally investigated some of these cases and found out that the involved national sponsors were guilty. Many workers and their families are suffering miseries because of such greedy and reckless practices."



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