Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ajman tops in rents increase in UAE :: TradeArabia
70% in one year

According to an annual research by Dubai-based property services company Asteco, the average increase in rents for two and three-bedroom apartments in Ajman was 69 per cent and 76 per cent respectively.
A lot of this increase in price is driven by the increase in demand for Ajman apartments due to renters fleeing the rent increases in Dubai. A toll to enter Dubai would dampen demand for Ajman apartments and trim the ranks of those who work in Dubai but live outside in neighboring Sharjah or Ajman.

For readers who are not familiar with the UAE, the city of Dubai abuts the city of Sharjah in the neighboring of Sharjah. The tiny emirate of Ajman in turn abuts Sharjah city. All three lie on the Gulf. Many people live in Sharjah or Ajman and commute to work in Dubai.

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