Monday, December 05, 2005

Gulfnews: Camel racing awaits return to golden era :: Gulf News

My question: Instead of robot jockeys why not simply impose a weight minimum on human jockeys?

My question answered: "Demand for jockeys that fit the current guidelines - more than 16 years old and weighing over 45 kg - has been low. The farm has a small handful of 17-year-old jockeys, like Mohammad Ayub from Pakistan, but Yaseen and Kraz said that it will take years before the camels will be ready to handle the bigger, heavier jockeys."

And this assertion poses a moral dilemma for those us who called for an end to using young boys as camel jockeys:
"I came from a poor family. But here, I was making more money than my entire family, more than a general in the Pakistani Army. I sent my money back home, and soon, my family became big traders in our hometown."
UPDATE: Must reading if this topic interests you - Secret Dubai collects together reports of clear abuse of young camel jockeys.



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