Thursday, December 15, 2005

How to amplify a natural disaster :: Dynamist Blog

How? Use the strong arm of the government to prevent foreign suppliers from rushing in when domestic supplies are disrupted.

Who loses? The consumer.

Sweet. I was not aware that sugar was an infant industry, or essential to defense in the event of war. Or, is it that this is the government's way of encouraging parents to set a good example for their kids by giving up sugar?

Wake up America. Be bold. Be bolder, even, than this. Cut agricultural subsidies and protections unilaterally. That might even shame Europe into following suit. You surely will win friends in developing countries. Trade is more uplifting and more likely to create friendly relations than the dependency relationship of foreign aid.

UPDATE: The Club for Growth points out that the regulations protecting the US sugar industry are killing the US candy industry. Hello.


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