Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bahrain ranked freest Arab economy :: Gulf News

Bahrain remained the freest economy in the Middle East and Arab world, according to the 12th annual Index of Economic Freedom by the US-based Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. Bahrain was 25th in the overall ranking, well ahead of Japan, Spain, Italy and France. Kuwait, the second freest Arab economy, was 50th in the annual list. The UAE was ranked 65th overall.
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Countries receive a 1-5 rating, with one being the best, on ten broad measures of economic freedom: trade policy, fiscal burden of government, government intervention in the economy, monetary policy, capital flows and foreign investment, banking and finance, wages and prices, property rights, regulation and informal (or black) market activity.
Abu Dhabi 'best Arab business city' :: Gulf News

The UAE capital city of Abu Dhabi is regarded as the best business city in the Arab world. This is according to the annual survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which is part of The Economist Group. The EIU's Business Trip Index for 2006 covered a total of 127 cities worldwide.
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Broadly, the index considers five variables in order to assign grade to cities around the world. These are stability, culture and environment, infrastructure, cost and healthcare. The index assigns 25 per cent to each of stability plus culture and environment, 20 per cent to each of infrastructure and cost and the balance of 10 per cent to healthcare.
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The city of Abu Dhabi achieved the rank of 70 worldwide. This is by far the best performance for any Arab city covered in the survey. With a worldwide ranking of 73, Dubai emerges as the nearest city to challenge Abu Dhabi.

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