Friday, January 27, 2006

Bangladesh tax amnesty :: Khaleej Times

[Finance and Planning Minister M Saifur Rahman's] announcement sparked resentment among the civil society as the tax for the disclosed money is 25 per cent and for the black money only 7.5 per cent. According to the NBR sources, although the Finance Minister's announcement triggered resentment among the taxpayers, it would yield a good amount of money for the exchequer.
Nothing irritates me more than when people who play by the rules get treated better than those that do not. Mister Rahman, will you still be around when the exchequer feels the future consequences of your current actions? You've just created the belief that if one pay his taxes one is a fool. Fool me once the jokes on me - and you.

Perhaps a better policy to increase tax revenues would have been to lower tax rates to everyone, and increase fines on scofflaws.


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