Friday, January 20, 2006

Parents queue all night for child's nursery admission :: Gulf News


The school office opened at 8am on Wednesday to start the admission process and registration for kindergarten classes on a first-come-first-served basis. But desperate parents queued up as early as 9pm on Tuesday, almost 12 hours in advance.

"It was a surreal spectacle as hundreds of men and women, some with children in tow, braved the cold wind and spent the entire night just standing. Some of them had anticipated the rush and had come well prepared for the night out.
. . .
Not everybody was lucky. As many as 400 parents couldn't make it in time to collect the tokens which would have ensured admission and are now on the waiting list.
. . .
Administrative officer Raghunath said the management is contemplating introducing a lottery system next year.
Questions: How much is one of those tokens selling for now? Why is the school charging so much less than the price that would ration the seats available?

I do note that without a queue there would be no publicity.


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