Friday, February 10, 2006

Qantas qontinues to qomplain :: The Australian

"Their (Emirates') attitude - that just because they've got more rights into Europe, they should be given more rights into Australia - just doesn't work," Mr Gregg said yesterday.

"The Australian Government can't get more access into Paris, so why should Australian carriers be penalised for that?"

Mr Gregg also reiterated Qantas's long-held view that Emirates receives government support not available to Qantas, a claim Emirates vehemently denies.

"Government subsidies come in many forms," Mr Gregg said. "The fact that their Government doesn't apply a corporate tax rate or a personal tax rate, to me, is a bloody big subsidy."


Blogger sheikha cheryl said...

If he doesn't like living in a country with the highest tax rate, then move to the country that doesn't have a tax rate. Everyone b*tches and complains about Emirates. (I have my complaints as well, but need to keep those to myself.) They don't pay taxes, neither do their employees, their fuel hub is Dubai, they self insure (medical) which keeps costs way down, they don't deal with unions, they cut out all the fluff and crap. They do not get subsidies from the Dubai Government. There business model looks drastically different than any other airline. The world is full of whiners and complainers. Dubai has an open skies policy, if Quantas wants to get further into the Euro market, they have the ability just like everyone else to fly through here, so why shouldn't Emirates be able to access more of Australasia? It sounds more like his problems is that he doesn't like how aggressive Emirates is.

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