Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tipping Points, Cartoon, and Ports :: National Review Online

OBL is not stupid. He's either read The Tipping Point, or he's Blinked^TM its contents.

The cartoon riots have shaken the faith of the American people in Virtue half of the Vigilence and Virtue program for the defeat of totalitarianism wrapped in an Islamic blanket. But Vigilence alone is doomed to failure.

Moderate Muslims, individually and collectively are cowed into stiflng their criticism of radicals for fear of being labeled as apostates.

Could Bush force through the ports deal? Perhaps. It will be a rather empty victory for the side of Virtue if it is does not come with the backing of a substantial number of Americans who have seriously reflected on the ports deal.

Our moderate friends in the Middle East aren't relying on Bush's reputation, they are relying on the reputation of the American people to stay the course.

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