Monday, March 20, 2006

And if you are French Turk studying at the Sorbonne does your head explode?

Sorbonne students protesting the proposed liberalization of workplace firing unexpectedly cross paths with Turks protesting against a memorial to Armenian victims of a 1915 massacre. A riot unexpectedly breaks out.

Turks, of course, are one of the groups that have the most to gain by reduction of firing costs. Reuters:
Unemployment is the top political issue in France, where the national average is 9.6 percent and youth joblessness is double that. The rate rises to 40-50 percent in some of the poor suburbs hit by several weeks of youth rioting last autumn.
Afterall, firing costs are hiring costs. Increasing security of employment increases the firm's insecurity in hiring in the first place. Better to hire a "real" Frenchman than gamble on an immigrant, better still an older better known quantity at that. I hope it's clear I regard the protesting students as misguided and (unwittingly?) racist.

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