Friday, March 03, 2006

The Blemish Ban :: Secret Dubai diary


according to Chapter 7 Article 76 of the UAE publications law:

"No article blemishing the president of an Arab, Islamic or any other friendly state will be published."

How very convenient for Saddam Hussein and anyone else choosing to rule through violence and oppression: silence and tolerance by their neighbours.What the UAE is likely to find particularly hard to stomach, as its own papers churn out endless glowing tributes to progress and the "wise vision of the leadership" is the fact that international media is not constrained by

Chapter 7 Article 70:"No criticism shall be made against the Head of State or Rulers of the Emirates"

Which is why the sandlands should expect to see many more articles like Slate's How United Are the United Arab Emirates - Why some emirates are more important than others - currently an unthinkable topic in a UAE local paper. Perhaps it's time to grow up, open up, and take it on the chin.
Be sure to visit Secret Dubai dairy to see the comments. For topical comments on UAE issues, Secret Dubai is the Grand Central Station. She's a focal point. It is the place to go to meet and trade views, just as the Grand Central Station is the place you go if you are visiting NYC and get separated from your companion. Go to the Grand Central Station at noon and the person you are looking for is likely to have independently decided to do the same thing. Other local comment on the Slate article can be found here.



Blogger secretdubai said...

Oh wow - thank you for linking!

I'm kind of anticipating Al Wathba with this one, but let's see ;)

8:51 PM  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Your anticipation, I sincerely believe, will not be fulfilled. If it is at least I copied so much of your post that we will be together.

Wasn't something like that the plot for a movie?

6:24 PM  

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