Thursday, March 30, 2006

Isn't it a bit early for April Fools?

Item: Emotional social intelligence device alerts wearer when they are boring the listener. Give them as stocking stuffers.

Item: United Arab Emirates becomes less like Kentucky and more like France.
"Labourers will be allowed to form unions.
We’re going to have one union, with separate representatives for the construction, fishing, agriculture and other industries,” Labour Minister Ali Al Kaabi told The Associated Press. . . . “The law will control how strikes will be conducted. It will outline rights, the do’s and don’ts. There will be a labour representative who will be our point of contact. It will make contact with the labourers much easier.”
I believe that's what you call a company union. This move may be window dressing. Or it may be part of a pattern of central control of labor movement (in both senses of that phrase. UAE workers don't need a collective labor movement. They need individual job mobility. But that would involve trusting the Invisible Hand. Too scary.

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