Monday, March 13, 2006

Over at Secret Dubai diary the lady of the house has noticed the tendency of people in high places to drop in unannounced. At government offices.

I think she missed the case of the senior government official who simplified the monitoring procedure and simply calling reception during office hours. His call went unanswered although the receptionist was there - doing her nails and talking on her mobile. No doubt an exception to the rule.

UPDATE: SDd today also covers rape. It makes no sense to me that the authorities allow the "justice" system to continue to treat the victim as the criminal before, during and after the trial. You can't claim to be world class and persist in presuming the woman's guilt. You can't claim to be world class and treat different people differently under the law. Well, you can try, if you name is William Kennedy Smith or something. But it's not right. Humane treatment of the victim and sentences to fight the crime would be a start. Do the right thing.


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