Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Customer-based racial discrimination

Instance 1. "Maria is convinced the reason she is paid less is because the hotel management prefers white European staff to serve customers. She says it has often led to conflicts with her colleagues and rather than lose her job, she has stopped raising the issue."

Instance 2. "Almost all people interviewed by Gulf News said they had either seen friends and colleagues treated in a racist manner, or experienced it themselves. They also consistently mentioned five hotspots known for preferring a European clientele." (Numerous comments at Secret Dubai.)

Instance 3. "Are houseservants allowed to use the pools, personally I do not feel comfortable with this, if I go to the pool I like to be able to have a conversation and socialise with people I have something in common with." (Via Secret Dubai.)



Blogger uae alias said...

look discremination is a human nature based on what/who he knows against what/who he doesn'nt know... so not Al Khaleej times or anybody on earth can deny there is discremenation its everywhere, yet here in UAE you dont get paid according to ur race or skin color for sure, its just not the norm !

10:14 AM  
Blogger Dubai Entrepreneur said...

Yes you do. I pay my white employee slightly more than my non-white employees.

You have to look at this from a business-owner's perspective. I don't think my white staff are any better than my Arab or Filipina or .. but the market dictates the rules, I don't.

When I want to sell my services to a client, the client gives me more weight at the sight of a white person. There is an added value attached to this from my clients' side, not mine.

I'm in the business of making money. So, I pay my white employees more because, in effect, they bring more value to my company.

7:13 PM  
Blogger uae alias said...

In this case we as a society of UAE don't, but you do as business owners society and not only in UAE but around the globe, I'm glad you dont see white ppl better than others which means you are not stupid so you can be an enterprnure BUT ppl like you are who make the race matters around the world... im not saying you are a bad person, but its not a smart act do you know why? because it will not unify your work team... employe's satisfaction is #1 rule in making them more productive... Can I know what type of business are you running?

8:31 PM  
Blogger Dubai Entrepreneur said...

It doesn't matter what business I'm in. What matters is that when dealing the government, it seems to be the right formula.

Again, we don't create a serious difference in compensation packages, but it is there.

There is also anothe factor you have to understand. Certain nationalities are more willing to work for less. Why would I pay more when you don't mind working for less?

Again, I am here to make money, not to fix society's ills. This is the government's job. When the government provides me with the incentives to contribute to that, I will be the first in line. So far, the government only (and probably unknowingly) encourages it.

People who get up on arms about this should really ask themselves, why are the employers doing this..

9:38 PM  
Blogger uae alias said...

I said you are not bad and i already stated its eveywhere and done by everybody...
The reason why i asked what business are you in is because certain work environments can drastically change to the better or the worse by worker staisfaction more than other businesses... so by treating ur employee in a better way he'll be the incentive due to his encouraging contribution to ur business... lets take LG ,SONY or even google as an example, the workers there believe that the success of the company is the succes of them bcause they love it, because it has been fair to them, because they are not to consider another place as they are totally fit into thier like thier home... Im talking out of experience and knowledge, u can search for ZILLION resources on that!... I had take I/O psychology courses and i know based on sience that you dont need the gov to be ur incentive , they will be ur incentive...
yet i believe you are running a small business and that you are having hard time making profit, therefore i advice you to consider what i just said and try to imply some of it and u'll see a diff... if you want me to suggest books on this topic or ppl for you to consult on this i have no prob at all, though i know you are not willing to take such a "stupid" suggestion.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I still disagree with you. Google, LG, etc. are multi-nationals and do not require ethnicity of their individual employees to make an impact. The fact that they are what they are is enough.

Also, I run a profitable outfit that employs over 30 people. So, no, I'm not struggling to make a profit. However, I am not a multinational corporation and so the individuals in my company are the company.

Naturally, once the company's brand grows, the dependence on employee ethnicity becomes less relevant.

11:13 PM  
Blogger uae alias said...

I gave you these companies as examples as they were domestic corporation in the beginning and one of the most important reasons that made them reach to be what they are now is that they keep the work team...
believe it or not unsatisfied emp is not fully productive who will never feel guilty to harm ur business or leave for a better chance. end of story!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dubai Entrepreneur's post at 9:38 tells you everything thats wrong with unfettered capitalism.

12:44 PM  

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