Monday, May 29, 2006

VoIP on hold in UAE :: Khaleej Times
Let's not do the du

With the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) yesterday ruling out any immediate policy decision on allowing the low-cost Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP services, Etisalat's move to make yet another headstart over its new rival du appears derailed.
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Etisalat, on an aggressive mode following the entry of UAE's second telecom operator du, has been launching several new products and services in a row to reinforce its leadership. It was hoping to steal a march by grabbing the first opportunity to launch VoIP before du, which is yet to streamline its services.

"Now, both players will get a level-playing field as TRA will take more time to finalise its VoIP policy," one industry analyst said.
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VoIP, which is currently available in certain free zone areas of Dubai, allows the user to make telephone calls using a computer network, over a data network like the Internet.
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Etisalat, which has been the monopoly telecom operator until the entry of du, used to block web sites offering cheap international calls through voice over Internet protocol technology.
As the BBC was just observing:
Perhaps one of the biggest annoyances for the mostly expatriate population in the Emirates is the inaccessibility of internet telephony sites like This is widely seen as economic censorship; the state wanting to ensure continuing large profits through migrant workers making international telephone calls.



Blogger secretdubai said...

economic censorship

Amen. I find it extremely insulting when they try to claim it's about "quality" and giving people what they really want, which is "quality" services.

I know it's a lie. They know it's a lie. If they can't be honest, they should button their money-grabbing, extortionately overpriced lips.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we had the same problem here in Qatar.

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2:19 PM  

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