Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Libyans not in hot water in Washington :: Fox News

They can't get the water turned on. Quote:
At the heart of the dispute are more than $27,000 in outstanding water and sewer bills for the property on Wyoming Avenue. Libya says it hasn't occupied the building since 1981, when the U.S. government cut diplomatic ties with the country and shut the embassy.

After Libya's departure, the United Arab Emirates took control of the property. And, according to the suit, "squatters" stayed there for several years without permission from Libya or UAE.

The UAE evicted the squatters in 2003 and ordered water and sewer service to be shut off, the suit says.
Even so, the D.C. utility won't provide water or sewer service until someone pays the bills.

1981 to 2003? That's a long time to have control of a building and not exercise that control. Perhaps the Libyans should turn to the UAE for payment - they were in control. It's not clear from the article, though, whether the UAE took control as early as 1981 or whether assignment of control came later.


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