Monday, July 31, 2006

UAE Census 2005 results begin rolling out :: Gulf News

The UAE population is 4,104,695, of which 20.1 per cent are UAE Nationals in last year's census compared with 2,411,041 in the last census conducted in 1995, said Shaikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of Economy, yesterday.

UAE population by nationality and educational status (pdf)

"This is 74.8 per cent increase in the population over the last ten years and reflects the strong economic growth the UAE is witnessing," Shaikha Lubna added.

Answering a Gulf News question about the UAE's projections in view of the imbalance in the population structure, Shaikha Lubna said, "We do not look at it as imbalance. The UAE has been smart in attracting economic and human capital in terms of intelligence and creativity. It is in our interest to continue our strong economic growth," Shaikha Lubna said.

Shaikha Lubna also ruled out the idea of optimal population for the country for the time being. "The UAE has a dynamic and fast growing economy and it is therefore too difficult to set an optimal population now. This figure is hinged on the growth and strength of the economy."
A few more numbers:
- Total number of non-nationals is 2,944,159, which is 78.1% of the total population that were counted in the reference period, and it is 79.9% (3,279,774)of the total UAE population.
- Total number of non-national males is 2,128,986, which is 72.3%.
- Total number of non-national females is 815,173, which is 27.7%.


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