Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Questions About Blogging :: EconLog Arnold Kling: Library of Economics and Liberty

Arnold Kling:
Unpoliced comments are bad. I think we have the best comment policing strategy, which is to warn commmenters who are getting too personal and, if they fail to adjust, banning them. My theory is that for every bad commenter you ban, several good commenters come out of the woodwork.
. . .
I think that somebody should come up with a statistical filter for reading blogs, sort of like the statistical filter that I use for spam. If you were to combine the aggregation features of Economics Roundtable with a statistical algorithm that learns my preferences, I think it would improve things a lot. An unfiltered aggregator gives me too many posts to consider and still misses posts that I would like to read.
Kling was responding to a public survey of econ bloggers by Jane Galt. Here are my responses to her survey.


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