Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An Emirati's Thoughts on America

What a farce. You people do not appreciate great men in your presence. If it wasn't for Bush Sr. you would be the serfs of Saddam and his schoolgirl rapist spawn. If it wasn't for Bush, that psycho Saddam would still be ruling Iraq and murdering people in the hundreds of thousands.

You Intifada cheering hypocrites. America is the UAE's best and most reliable ally. America is why you can study in University and be free to say these things. America is the most moral and just empire in the history of mankind. It could murder all 25 million Iraqis and the case would be closed. It could take on the entire world, subjugate it, enslave it and have it work for it.

Palestine never did anything for the UAE. Egypt never did anything for the UAE. Hosni Mubarak and the PLO would not shed a tear or give a damn about this country if it met it's doom. The Americans helped us in 1986, they will help us in the future, and no stupid ports debate or anything similar will deter my belief in America as an ally.

He's referring to Bush Sr.'s recent Q and A with students in Abu Dhabi.

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