Friday, December 01, 2006

So it ain't so, Jou.

Item: Columbia journalism students ...
Caught cheatin' ... on ethics test.
MINNEAPOLIS — The Star Tribune said it is reviewing a year's worth of work by one of its editorial-page writers after finding two of his editorials contained similarities to the work of another writer.

Editorial-page editor Susan Albright said the writer, Steve Berg, would not write during the review. She cited two editorials, one from Nov. 10 and one from March 27 that contained phrases from or similarities to commentaries in the New Yorker by Hendrik Hertzberg.
. . .
Berg, who has worked at the Star Tribune for 30 years, said he couldn't comment during the review.
. . .
Similarities between a Nov. 10 Star Tribune editorial and Hertzberg's Nov. 6 commentary were first brought to light in a Nov. 11 posting on the Twin Cities-based conservative blog Power Line, long critical of the Star Tribune for having what they say is a liberal bias.
. . .
In the second incident, also brought to the paper's attention by Power Line, a March 27 Star Tribune editorial on Electoral College reform struck many of the same themes as a March 6 Hertzberg piece.
UPDATE: TigerHawk offers some lessons.


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