Monday, February 12, 2007

Recent posts by Muscati

Got gas? Muscati wonders what happened to Oman's natural gas and why has the conversation turned to coal?

Taking it to the street? Economists call it path dependence. Muscati reports: "The hotel closed down three weeks ago for 10 months' renovation in which the whole hotel will be made over. However from the bumper to bumper traffic of cars entering and exiting the hotel's parking lot you'd be excused if you thought it was still open. The reason all these cars are heading to the Sheraton? Lined up on the sidewalk at the hotel's exit is a long line of Chinese prostitutes. ... Apparently, ground central for these Chinese pros used to be the night club downstairs in the hotel. Now that the hotel has closed down they've taken their business outside. It's not like the police are doing anything about it."

Lastly: Got moobs?



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