Saturday, March 03, 2007

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Given the growing scarcity of women, how can the parents of boys continue to demand such high fees? I would suspect that the practice will, in fact, abate eventually, but probably not soon enough to prevent millions more girls being aborted. The other interesting economic fact to emerge from the article is that it is actually rich families who are most likely to do this.... This makes sense; in a poor country, ultrasounds are a luxury.
There are some things that economists cannot explain.

In the UAE the tradition amongst nationals is that men pay the dowry. Families demand very high dowries, so high that there is a spinster problem - a high proportion of women who never marry. The men can take foreign brides, and many do. As they say, de gustabus non disputandum. But I'm still puzzled.

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Blogger Acad Ronin said...

I know that there have been some good econ articles on dowries and bride price, but I don't have the citations to hand. I would first look at traditional divorce and inheritance law for a partial answer. I believe that dowries represent a cashing out of a bride's inheritance in cultures that don't permit daughters to inherit when their father dies. Bride price may be a consequence of Islamic law as a bond against too easy divorce by the male relative to the ability of the wife to initiate a divorce. In all of this I am just guessing, and would be delighted if someone with a good knowledge of Islamic and Hindu inheritance and divorce laws would weigh in.

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Anonymous sanjay said...

I can provide a lot of information about this, my sister having gotten married and divorced and has a daughter..

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Blogger Sanjay Tiwari said...

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