Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scholars say stop wasting food

Gulf News
Al Ain: Religious scholars have advised people to stop wasting food by cooking huge amounts and discarding the surplus as it violates the spirit of Ramadan.

The scholars said people should be more careful about following the strictures of fasting. Ahmad Mustafa, an Egyptian prayer leader, said Muslims must make use of the benefits associated with fasting. "Other than the numerous health benefits, fasting teaches Muslims to feel and understand hunger, deprivation and the suffering of fellow human beings," he said.
"There is a need to simplify the menu during the month," he said, adding that money spent lavishly on food should be donated to charities.
Instead, for many, meals become more lavish and a way to display plenty.

In economic terms is this a waste? Economics is about the management of resources. Are people mismanaging resources, or are they producing another good - lavishness - which they enjoy? Or is it simply more difficult to avoid having leftovers?

There is an increase in demand for food in Ramadan. See my earlier post, Ramadan demand.


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