Sunday, October 07, 2007

If at first you don't succeed...

... try, try again.

It's an ongoing game in Abu Dhabi between the rent control authority and the building owners. Here's another episode in the saga from Gulf News
"Changing the business from residential building into hotel apartments is not a legal ground to evict tenants," said Mohammad Rashid Al Hameli, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Rental Disputes Resolution Committee.

Al Hameli said under the law, landlords cannot ask tenants to vacate unless in specific cases, including approved demolishing, for personal use, tenant's failure to pay the rent, subletting the property without the approval of the landlord or violating public norms.
Al Hameli said tenants should not obey any eviction order issued by landlords or any authority unless the order is approved by the Rental Disputes Resolution Committee.
The take away message to investors: If you build anything new call it a hotel, not a residence.

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Blogger John said...

But then, of course, hotels will fall under rent control, too...

5:24 AM  

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