Thursday, April 24, 2008

Arbitrage opportunity

With price differences like this it's worth it to drive your truck to Abu Dhabi just to refuel. That doesn't help the traffic congestion problem between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Gulf News
The price of diesel at Dubai's filling stations has increased by 40 per cent in six months, making it almost 80 per cent more expensive than that sold by Adnoc-operated pumps in Abu Dhabi.

The price of diesel per gallon went up from Dh14.30 to Dh15.30 in Dubai last night, the single biggest increase since October. Diesel sold at Dh11.00 per gallon in the city on October 23, according to transport industry sources.

Dubai fuel retailers Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc), which operates Enoc and Eppco brand service stations, and Emarat have been raising diesel pricing for several months, citing high international crude prices.
In other news, the UAE is doing is part in the world food price craze, buying high in order to create a strategic food reserve.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

strategic food reserve:

Hmmm. They'll be tapping that on the first day of ramadan.

2:41 PM  

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