Friday, April 18, 2008

Salesmen only in lingerie shops

Strange, but true. In Saudi Arabia women it is illegal for women to buy lingerie from women.

Arab News reports
All over the world, one finds saleswomen at lingerie shops. In our country — where officials are trying to introduce regulations granting women their rights — women are prohibited from working in lingerie shops. I wish this would change.

Women are not at ease with salesmen at lingerie shops. Women do not have privacy when they are out shopping, they deal cautiously and hesitantly with strange men who try selling them underwear and evening clothes. This is especially the case when they look for a particular size or a certain shape, color or material.

The issue of saleswomen working in lingerie shops has become a crucial one. The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Commerce must work quickly to solve this problem. Having an all women lingerie boutique inside shopping centers would not be as awkward as asking a strange man for your underwear size.
This is an on-going saga. Click on the label "lingerie" below to see.



Anonymous Samantha said...

This is sheer hypocrisy! Its cool for men to sell lingerie in a place where women are banned from doing certain things? I still can't understand the logic.

6:05 AM  

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