Friday, June 13, 2008

Note to self

Get in the habit of reading the Financial Times Mideast page. Currently highlighted:

Saudis plan to grow crops overseas -Riyadh is in talks with Ukraine, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey and Egypt to set up projects of at least 100,000 hectares to grow cereals that will secure its food supply- Jun-13

Output slides in Gulf in spite of oil boom - The region’s labour markets need to be modernised as research reveals productivity decreasing outside the oil and gas sectors, threatening sustainable economic growth - Jun-12

MidEast cools on smelter plans - Rising energy prices are causing oil-rich governments to change their minds about hosting large aluminium projects amid worries about giving away energy reserves cheaply - Jun-13

Viewpoint: Inflation fight involves painful choices - Higher oil prices drive up inflation in countries that import oil, but producers themselves face serious inflationary pressures when oil prices rise - Jun-11

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8:31 PM  

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