Monday, February 15, 2010

Good work if you can get it

LA Times
In the past decade, LAUSD officials spent $3.5 million trying to fire just seven of the district's 33,000 teachers for poor classroom performance — and only four were fired, during legal struggles that wore on, on average, for five years each. Two of the three others were paid large settlements, and one was reinstated. The average cost of each battle is $500,000.

During our investigation, in which we obtained hundreds of documents using the California Public Records Act, we also discovered that 32 underperforming teachers were initially recommended for firing, but then secretly paid $50,000 by the district, on average, to leave without a fight.



Anonymous Sandy McManus said...

On the other hand, bankers who 'underperform' to such a degree that they almost bring down a nation's economy are rewarded handsomely - still. And when threatened with a vastly depleted bonus, they threaten (promise?) to quit.

So just WHAT is your point?

1:25 PM  

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