Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks: Saudi youth admire American values

Influenced by American values like living with Jennifer Aniston in great New York City apartments with no apparent need to work, a US diplomatic cable says Saudi youth are less likely to participate in jihad.

The Guardian:
Satellite broadcasts of the US TV shows Desperate Housewives and Late Show With David Letterman are doing more to persuade Saudi youth to reject violent jihad than hundreds of millions of dollars of US government propaganda, informants have told the American embassy in Jeddah.

Broadcast uncensored and with Arabic subtitles alongside sitcoms such as Friends on Saudi Arabia's MBC 4 channel, the shows are being allowed as part of the kingdom's "war of ideas" against extremist elements. According to a secret cable titled "David Letterman: Agent of Influence", they have been proving more effective than Washington's main propaganda tool, the US-funded al-Hurra TV news channel.
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Blogger Balqis De Cesare said...

Hope there's more out there of American values :P
I don't think anyway that the target of those series are the same youth who are undecided about watching a movie and going to fight to Yemen

10:25 PM  
Anonymous muebles en murcia said...

For my part one and all ought to look at it.

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Bassam Fareiha said...

UAE economic values move to high target.I think American values recently not top of the list.Many struggle in country forest .I dont think any that target .

8:52 AM  

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