Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is your revolution cable-ready?

Wikileaks cables are providing a wealth of information into the Gaddafi family reports AP:
Growing anger over crass behavior by Gadhafi’s offspring, such as son Hannibal’s 2008 arrest for beating servants in a hotel in Switzerland, may have helped spark the current uprising. “The family has been in a tailspin recently,” a cable assessed a year ago.
Saadi was described as having a troubled past, including run-ins with police in Europe, drug and alcohol abuse, and excessive partying, a 2009 cable said. It was an important objective for the regime to create “the appearance of useful employment” for Gadhafi’s children, the report said.

Flaunting of wealth was starting the hurt the family’s image, the diplomats said. They noted that Muatassim “kicked off 2010 the same way he spent 2009 — with a New Year’s Eve trip to St. Bart’s — reportedly featuring copious amounts of alcohol and a million-dollar personal concert courtesy of Beyonce, Usher, and other musicians.”

“The family has provided local observers with enough dirt for a Libyan soap opera,” the 2010 cable concluded.

The diplomats also noted “acute discord” among the Gadhafi siblings.



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