Wednesday, March 02, 2011

UK seizes breast milk ice cream

Ice cream made from breast milk has been removed from a central London restaurant on health grounds following complaints by members of the public.

The dessert, called Baby Gaga, went on sale at ice cream parlour Icecreamists in Covent Garden in February.

But Westminster Council officers removed the product to make sure it was "fit for human consumption".
I hope they look into whether the company is adulterating the breast milk. No doubt this is the sort of free advertising the business was hoping for. If the government decides breast milk ice cream is fit for human consumption, then what?

My first thought when I read about this product was it's going to take breast milk from the mouthes of babes. It's like when corn is used to produce ethanol. That corn more expensive for human consumption. And that can even lead to revolutions.

To read more about the supply chain for breast milk for ice cream check out this article.
The milk has been donated by women who were paid £15 for every 10 ounces of their bodily fluid.

The dessert is offered up in a martini glass to those daring enough to try it for £14.
It's advertised as organic, but who is monitoring their diets? And what's this about the milk being donated when the women are being paid.

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