Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UAE files charges

Over the past few weeks five UAE citizens have been rounded up. They are dissidents to the current form of government, having advocated free elections involving all UAE citizens and to giving more than an advisory role to the federal national council.

Charges against the five have finally been made public:
Five Emiratis have been arrested for crimes including insulting members of the country's ruling families and posing a threat to state security, the Attorney General said.

Salim Saeed Kubaish said the five were being investigated for "crimes of instigation, breaking laws and perpetrating acts that pose threat to state security, undermining the public order, opposing the government system, and insulting the President, the Vice President and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi".

Read it all in The National.

I'm seeing discussion of the wording of the charges on Twitter. When I find a solid link, I'll add it.

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