Monday, May 09, 2005

The customer is always right - Arab News

It’s not unusual these days to see men with makeup on their face. The number of Saudi men visiting barbershops for makeup and makeovers is on the rise.
“Teenagers these days look funny,” Murad said. “Some have funny haircuts and funny beards. I once saw a young teenager with David Beckham haircut that looked more like a chicken head.”

A trip to the barbershop can be a little unnerving for some. “It’s disgusting to see young Saudis with makeup on their face,” said Waleed Mansour, a 32-year-old Saudi.
And for the barbers, times change, but the customer is always right.

“I have a young teenager who comes to me every two days to draw lines of mustache and beard,” said Muhammad Al-Hasani, a Moroccan barber. “Some are asking to line up their eyebrows like women. It is strange but at the end we have to do what the customer asks for.”



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