Sunday, May 08, 2005

Teenage boys out of control - 7DAYS: "Visitors and staff at Umm Suqaim Park say they have been terrorised by gangs of youths for more than a year. The boys, aged between about 14 to 18, allegedly use foul and suggestive language to women, make obscene gestures and vandalise property. Several are even reported to have exposed themselves to female workers at the Garden Coffee Shop."

I wonder if enforcement varies depending on nationality. Police and rent-a-cops are in a difficult position because their social status often undercuts their ability to do their job effectively with the public.

UPDATE: Anti-social behavior is a hot topic in the UK. "Tony Blair told a pre-election meeting in the Midlands in March 2005 that he had probably attended more meetings on crime and antisocial behaviour than any other issue since becoming prime minister (3). So why has this become such a hot issue? Frank Field, a Labour MP and leading proponent of the politics of antisocial behaviour, has argued, 'Our country faces two major threats. One comes from international terrorism, the other from neighbourhood terrorists.' (4) A similar parallel was drawn in the 2004 Queen's Speech."


Blogger secretdubai said...

Your analysis is spot on.

Though to be fair to the cops, I wonder how they manage to do any crime fighting given the THOUSANDS of traffic accidents per day they have to attend. Even if your car is scraped in a car park, you have to get the police out (and they're always in pairs) to fill in a report for the insurance, or you won't get compensated.

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