Saturday, May 21, 2005

Europe-wide 62mph (100kph) limit mooted :: Sunday Times

“If in Germany cars are speeding at 200kph (124mph) they are using too much petrol,” said Piebalgs. He was speaking at a meeting in Germany, where motorists enjoy the only speed-limit-free roads in the EU.

A comment on the website of Der Spiegel, the German news magazine, said: “With those speed limits we would be castrated.”

Piebalgs’s proposal came as the European economic and social committee, a body that advises the European commission on drawing up new legislation, launched an initiative to create a common European highway code. Its aim is to remove the wide variations in road regulations of member states.

It was noted that the UK drives on the left hand side of the road while the rest of the EU drives on the right. The commission considered a proposal to have British lorries driving on the right hand side by 2006, with automobiles to follow by 2007. The report noted that a side benefit would be fewer cars on the road in 2006. The potential energy savings have not been estimated.


Blogger secretdubai said...

God. This is why people increasingly hate the EU - not just Eurosceptic Brits, but also French, Spanish, Germans, etc. There is no economic need to standardise road regulations in European countries, it just seems to be an itch for Eurobeaureaucrats. 62mph is ludicrous: the speed limit in the UK has been 70mph for decades, and if anything should be raised, not lowered.

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