Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mubarak vs. Mubarak: shades of MAD magazine - Gulf News

"The approved amendment does not provide the ideal ground for presidential elections," said Jamal Zahran, a professor of economics and political sciences. "Instead of demanding presidential hopefuls to be endorsed by the parliament and the municipal councils, who mostly belong to the ruling party, candidates should have been requested to collect certain signatures from eligible voters. Some 10,000 signatures would have been a reasonable condition."

Father and son?
Source: NPR
Observers believe that the restrictions on who to run for the presidency are meant to preclude the outlawed but influential Muslim Brotherhood from seeking the top job.
"It is a farce," said Mohammad Bakri, a law student. "Since Mubarak suggested the amendment to the constitution, we have been told that we will at last be able to select our president from many candidates in free and fair elections.

"But the way the amendment has been formulated is disappointing. It will be Mubarak vs Mubarak."

The writer is a journalist based in Cairo.


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