Tuesday, May 10, 2005

UAE national man questions if wife's children are really his - Gulf News

When the man asked the woman about why she was pregnant so often so long after he left her, she always said he was the father.

"She told her husband that whenever he used to come to see her, she would put something in his tea to make him sleepy, and then she would take advantage of him when he was knocked out, which is how she became pregnant," the social worker said.

The man refused to believe her, and complained to the police about her.

"Under UAE law, he needs four witnesses to say that his wife was having an affair. Only then can he remove the names of these children from being registered under his name. He tried," the social worker said, "but, unfortunately, he could not find any witnesses because all of the wife's neighbours said her husband was the only man who visited her."


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