Monday, July 11, 2005

Orkney Springs :: Microsoft TerraServer Imagery

(Broken link above has been repaired.)

Your host at The Emirates Economist spends his summers in Orkney Springs, Virginia, population 70 including those folks on the mail route around the creek road. If you click the link above you will get an aerial view of my community as it appeared in 2000. The largest structure is the Virginia House of the Orkney Springs Hotel, which is now part of Shrine Mont which has been managed by my wife's family for many, many years. The other large structure between the hotel and the large pond is the Maryland House which is also part of the hotel; it dates from the latter half of the 19th Century. The bulk of the Shrine Mont facilities are those in the lower left corner of the map, to the west of the hotel.

The town of Orkney Springs, unincorporated, is along the road running east-west in front of the hotel. If you proceed east you see how the road makes a curve to the northeast; the Chilton abode from which I am now blogging is that house on the left as you complete the curve. My in-laws built the large house out back in the yard where my mother-in-law still lives. (There's a family joke in the construction of that last sentence.)


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