Monday, July 11, 2005

Is it Tanmia or something else? :: Gulf News

Gulf News editorial:
The minister, Dr Ali Al Ka'abi, believes that it was not fair for jobless UAE nationals to see more than 2.1 million expatriate workers get jobs in the UAE while quite a few of them could not find work.
But it is another arm of The Ministry of Labour that controls work visas. If the objective is to create jobs in the private sector that nationals will accept, then job benefits and working conditions must improve. And these will not improve as long as the benefits and conditions for so many of the jobs in private sector are determined by the job benefits and working conditions of third world countries from which these ex pat workers are attracted.

The responsibility for present conditions does not lie with Tanmia. It is neither fair nor constructive to hold Tanmia responsible for actions of other government agencies that hold the authority over work visas.

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