Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dubai property law :: GN
Well defined property rights?

Gulf News has more on the new Dubai property law in the works. Much of the article is based on statements by Essam Al Tamimi, managing partner of Al Tamimi and Company legal advocates.

Quoting from the article:
Al Tamimi said the new property law announced by [the emirate of] Abu Dhabi will encourage the other emirates to announce their land and property laws. However, the widely expected federal property law may not be on the cards.

The new property laws, he said, refer to the Civil Law or Motasaha, that guides the country's civil code, where there is any ambiguity." The new Dubai property law will also be in line with the UAE's Civil Law. In case of a conflict, the Civil Law takes precedence over others," he said.
The Khaleej Times coverage includes this:

“All emirates are entitled to have their own regulations relating to property ownership. Most of the emirates were waiting for a direction from Abu Dhabi and now it will be just a matter of time that all will have some form of property sector law which is in line with the country's civil law,” said a developer.

My question remains: Will the new Dubai property law be in harmony with the country's civil code? I don't know. Any suggestions on where to seek an answer? Comment section is open as always.


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